Wednesday, August 26, 2009

that my decorative flights of fancy

know that my decorative flights of fancy do not always acknowledge the changes in season. Well I’m just as likely to be decorating a teenage girl’s bedroom with flowers in the middle of winter as I am to be decorating with snowflakes in July, but I digress.
There is a story behind this entry and sadly I don’t have pictures to share the experience with you.

I spent the last few days of the week and half of the weekend at a friend’s country cottage to console her after a completely unexpected breakup with her fiancé (THE RAT!). Some of the girls, myself included, who were slated to be bridesmaids decided that we needed to get our gal pal away and do our best to take her mind off her troubles. Our heartbroken friend was all for it and said that we could borrow her family’s out of the way vacation home. We had a blast getting there and we literally had to drive through a mountain stream to get there but it was worth the effort.

The first morning we were having breakfast on the front porch that overlooked a pasture where some overzealous farmer was cutting hay. He finished his work almost on cue and the magic that inspired my search for girls dragonfly bedding ensued. Before our very eyes, the field was filled with dragonflies! The sunlight played some kind of trick that made them seem as if they were made of 14kt gold. For perhaps the only time in our weekend our normally chatty little group was silent, mesmerized by the fairylike creatures that sparkled and shined for our entertainment. Words can’t begin to describe the atmosphere, you had to be there.

Getting back to my dragonfly bedroom ideas; after arriving, I was charmed by the eclectic style of decor in the main rooms of this country cottage. Every knick knack and piece of furniture had a personality all its own. But the bedrooms were lacking in similar charm and being the consummate decorator this drove me buggy. For lack of a better ending to my story, I offered to decorate the bedrooms of the home for free to show my appreciation for a lovely weekend with the ultimate in natural entertainment.

The first idea that bounced into my brain was to find a set of

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