Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The bedroom is usually a smaller room which can be seen in its entirety with just one glance,for this reason it is important that the furniture matches ,and if all the pieces are not the same style they should atleast have uniformity of colour and texture.

* The walls and the lighting should be tenous and not be concentrated around the head board.

* The essential function of the bed is to provide a surface which is neither too hard nor too soft for the back and body to response in the correct position.

* Choosing the right mattress is also complicated as there are many dofferent types to choose from:foam,latex,spring,and combinetions ,with one side for summer and the other for winter, anti-allergy,traditional wool ones,and a sybaritic tendency to place several mattresses one on top of other ,one spring and other latex.

* Wardrobes and beds are usually combined in the bedrom and are designed to make the most of the space available,they incorporate comfortable details such as doors which open with just a light touch and the indispensable interior lighting.

* Wardrobes are usually from 1.90 to 2m high and 55cm deep and have interior steps for adjusting the shelves.If the wardrobe has only two doors it is a good idea to put mirrors on the inside to be able to see oneself from behind as well as the front.

Bedroom Decor

Architectural elements and focal points in salvage style are fast gaining popularity in bedroom d├ęcor for adding class,
distinction and sophistication to the room without going over budget. Grecian urns filled with yarn balls look fantastic and quite interesting and need not cost a fortune too. Here are some tips to lend your bedroom a touch of uniqueness and originality within our budget:

* Add architectural elements to your bedroom to give it a lavish look such as a fireplace mantel.

* Always look out for opportunities to turn your trash and junk into treasure. Old glassware can be used as candleholders, antique cups can be used as votives and blankets can be used as vintage pillows.

* An illustrious wall hanging can take place of a headboard for your bed.

* Feel free to use items in different ways other than their traditional uses for the customized touch.

* Hanging old baskets in the nooks and corners of your bedroom will add style to your bedroom and makes creative space for keeping your magazines and personal care accessories.

* Ornate birdbaths from someone's fountain can easily be turned into a nightstand or a table centerpiece.

* Salvage antique window frames can be turned into artistic mirror frames.

* Search for some of the most advantageous deals in thrift shops, garage sales and yard sales where you can find home accessories, fabrics, sofa sets and even dinner sets and exquisite items in salvage shops that can be terracotta tiles, ornate wrought iron fences, old pillars and claw foot bath tubs that can make your home look like a heritage property.

* Select a theme for your bedroom and only accommodate items that go well with the theme.

* Turn vintage clothing or decorative tablecloths into decorative pillow covers.

* Wrought iron posts and fences can be used as curtain rods