Thursday, August 27, 2009

soon as the teenage girl

soon as the teenage girl (and her mother) made a decision I resolved to type out my report. Well, the votes have been counted and after some rough moments behind the scenes (drum roll please), the peace sign bedding set that my clients agreed on was an inexpensive purple bed in a bag set that cost less than $100! Actually because she only needed a twin size set, it cost less than $50! Plus, the collection offered purple lamp shades, pillows and curtains with groovy peace signs on them if she had wanted them although she did not want them as she preferred to do her own thing.

Was this particular purple peace sign bedding set picked because the tween was wise beyond her years and wanted to do her part for the household budget? That would be an ending fit for a fairytale but sadly it would be just as fictitious. She made her decision based on the fact that she wanted a purple bedding set and it just so happened that one of the inexpensive peace sign comforter sets was, you guessed it, purple with black peace signs. Whereas, the expensive organic set was a very practical brown that she found boring in spite of the trendy organic fabric.

So I am now off to shop for vintage decor to complement the purple peace sign comforter set which is going to be no small job. However, there is plenty of cash left over for me to work with. Return to Tween and Teenage Girls Bedding and Bedroom Decorating Ideas and I’ll share what I bought to go with her purple peace sign bedding set

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