Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bedroom Ceiling Color

Bedroom Ceiling Color

When it comes to decorating bedroom, how can we forget the bedroom ceiling color. To give your bedroom a complete look, it is important to beautify the ceiling. When your room looks pleasing, it also gives happiness to you. Infact, it is the ceiling of our bedroom that we tend to see more often as compared to other rooms. Read on to check out some ideas on choosing bed room ceiling paint.

Ceiling Colour Tips For Bedroom

* If you want to give tranquil look to your bedroom, then choose a subtle tint of the wall color for the ceiling.
* To make bedroom with low ceiling look more spacious, pick a shade lighter than your wall paint. In case of bedroom with high ceiling, choose a shade that is darker than your wall color, as it will make the room appear warmer and more intimate.
* People usually go in for white ceilings, but why not have a break from the conventional designing and try out something new.
* If you want to be different, then you can go in for a ceiling color that is in contrast with the wall color like the combination of light pink ceiling and mauve wall color.
* If you like fresh look, but not with too much creativity, then you should go in for monochromatic theme. For the harmonious look, choose a ceiling color, which is two or three tones lighter than the color of your bedroom walls.

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